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Regional Initiative against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources

Techincal Unit Structure

The Technical Unit on Natural Resources is composed of the Unit staff and support project staff.

Coordinator, Technical Unit on Natural Resources

The Coordinator of the ICGLR Technical Unit on Natural Resources is responsible for:

  • Coordinating all ICGLR Secretariat activities related to the implementation of the Regional Initiative on Natural Resources (RINR) at ICGLR Secretariat;
  • Directly managing the Technical Unit staff;
  • Leading the role of ICGLR Secretariat of providing technical and advisory support to Member States in implementation of the RINR;
  • Ensuring good working relationships with mining authorities directly involved in the implementation of the RINR in Member States;
  • Interfacing with partners supporting the implementation of the RINR.

Head, Analytical Fingerprint Management Unit

The main duties of the Head of the Analytical Fingerprint Management Unit can be summarized as follows:

  • Coordination of Analytical Fingerprinting (AFP) Project activities related to mineral certification in collaboration with other stakeholders from private and public sector working in mining sector;
  • Coordination of mineral sampling in Burundi, DRC and Rwanda in collaboration with respective national institutions in charge of mining sector;
  • Support in mineral sample preparation in respective AFP sample preparation laboratories in Bujumbura, Bukavu andKigali ;
  • Working with analytical laboratories from sample analysis to data processing and evaluation followed by data management through data storage in AFP database hosted at Analytical Fingerprinting Management Unit (AMU) with financial and technical support from BGR;
  • Directly managing the AMU support staff.

Whistleblowing Expert.

The Whistleblowing Expert is tasked to daily manage the activities related to the implementation of the Whistleblowing Mechanism (WBM) within the Conference Secretariat and entertain the best professional communication and working relationships with all government officers directly responsible for the implementation of the WBM at Member State level.

Regional Database Expert

The Database Expert’s primary responsibilities are:

  • To manage daily implementation activities of the ICGLR Regional Database in order to produce regular reports based on the statistical analysis of regional mineral data;
  • To backstop data transfer from national databases of Member States to the ICGLR Regional database;
  • Establish good working relationships with the focal points for databases in ministries in charge of mines in the ICGLR Member States


Audit Coordinator

Within the framework of the Regional Certification Mechanism, the Audit Coordinator assumes the role of coordinating and facilitating the activities and tasks of the ICGLR Audit Committee, including accreditation of third party auditors, management of third party audits and review of audit reports, as well as conducting the review of the Regional Certification Mechanism Standards for amendment.


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