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Regional Initiative against the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources

Whistleblowing Mechanism

 The Whistleblowing Mechanism (WBM) is an excellent citizen tool. The tool relies on the capitalization of first-hand information about the illegal exploitation and trade oin minerals through the collection and monitoring of information about these activities. The tool allows anyone who has information about violations of the standards of the Regional Certification Mechanism to submit this information anonymously, either via the internet or by SMS (text message) to a server managed by the ICGLR Secretariat. The whistleblowing alerts are based on the following three main scenarios: (i) the presence of armed groups on the mine site or along the mineral routes; (ii) mineral fraud and smuggling; and (iii) serious violations of human rights, including sexual and gender based violence.

The SMS and web-based technical platforms are designed to ensure anonymity; hence the protection of informants is ensured by allowing the exchange of information without the ability to identify the location or identity of the person sending the information. All data is transmitted to the secure platform so that all information is processed from the same interface. The first message sent initiates transmission dialogue between the informant and the whistleblowing expert through the technical platform. A file number is sent automatically and will allow the informant to send additional messages related to the same file. As in the case of internet transmission, the personal information of the informant such as the telephone number cannot be identified or plotted.

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